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Anyone who has ever undergone a makeover knows all too well the dreaded anxiety that erupts as soon as the makeup artist has finished doing his or her work. You're expected to purchase products - and not just one. You are often left feeling pressured, beaten down, and dismayed at the experience. Generally, you are unlikely to return for a second helping. Fortunately, the mentality at the MAC makeup store is completely different. Coming from such an esteemed family, it is simply no wonder that the MAC philosophy differs so vastly from other brands.

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At MAC, clientele are treated with respect, friendliness, and a willingness to actually help. There is a marked lack of intensity on the selling aspect, and this is due in part to the company's decision to pay its employees the highest possible hourly rate.

Thus, the focus is directed toward the customer herself and not her potential as a commission-earner for the makeup artist. There are over 1, MAC makeup stores located around the world. The majority of the North American locations are found inside shopping malls.

The freestanding stores differ from the department store counters in that the stores offer exclusive, limited edition items not available anywhere else. For a complete list of MAC makeup stores, visit the store locator on the company's official website.

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