Encrypting folders in mac os x

How to Password Protect Folders in MacOS

TrueCrypt and VeraCrypt may have its legions of fans and I was one of them. But MacOS and Windows, for that matter have their own built in encryption tools. You just have to know where to look. The process to make an encrypted DMG folder is absurdly simple. Save As : What you want it to be called on the computer.

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This will be the name seen by everyone who has access to your computer. Where : Where on the computer you want to save the newly created folder.

Top 5 Best Encryption Software for Mac in 12222

Obviously you can move this afterwards. It is not fixed in one place.

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Name : The name you alone will see when it is mounted and open on the MacOS system. Size : The size you want your container to be.

How to Encrypt a Folder in Mac OS X

One important thing to note is that whatever size you specify will be instantly taken by your computer. So if you specify MB, then MB will be immediately deducted from your hard drive space — even if there is nothing in the folder yet. Encryption : See the next section for this part. Creating a sparse bundle of arbitrary starting size does mitigate this problem. I'm not au fait with the exact differences between sparse disk image and sparse bundle but will research this tomorrow and adjust my answer if necessary.

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  • Bundle spews the data across many "band" files and is a directory. The sparse image does the same inside one binary file which is more efficient from a CPU and filesystem standpoint. The bundle allows small changes to just effect one band file so rsync and Time Machine can copy more incremental bits and not have to send the whole blob when one file or a file's metadata changes.

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    Encrypt Folders with Password Protection in Mac OS X the Easy Way

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